Cowboy Bebop 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition

Funimation recently opened a website for the 20th anniversary of Cowboy Bebop. On the site they have three versions of a collector’s edition for the series and any version that gets 1,000 “reserves” will be made (think Kickstarter). All the sets will have the TV series plus the movie on bluray, the soundtrack on vinyl and an artbook, but do check the anniversary website for more details on each set.  So far the $250 Bounty Hunter’s Steel version is the closest to getting made with 319 of 1,000 reserves at the last update. The reserve period will be open though the end of the month.

In my case, I bought the Amazon exclusive bluray set back when Funimation originally released the series and I’m quite happy with that. Though they did say that the movie would get a separate release from the 20th anniversary set and I will pick that up assuming it’s a better release than the barebones Sony bluray I have now.

Speaking of Sony, I guess this makes the Cowboy Bebop movie the first Sony licensed anime to be released under Funimation. If you remember, Sony purchased a majority stake Funimation a little while back. If Funimation continues to release Sony licensed anime, I really hope Blood+ gets a second chance.