Anime Haul: Holiday Edition – Part 1

More pics of stuff I picked up recently. First pic is all holiday sale purchases.

Ghost Sweeper Mikami Vol. 1-4 (Sentai), One Piece Collection 17-18 (Funimation), Nichijou (Funimation), Record of Lodoss War OVA & TV (Funimation), Blood Blockade Battlefront S1 (Funimation), Code Geass S1-2 (Funimation)

Next image is mostly holiday sale items except for the bottom two, where were preorders.

Death Note: Omega Edition (VIZ), Himawari! S1-2, Pet Girl of Sakurasou Complete Collection (Sentai), Sailor Moon Crystal S3 LE, Squid Girl S1-2 + OVA LE


Next, I have a few shots of the Gundam Wing Ultra Edition set that I preordered. When you take the lid off, the first thing you see is the full sized, hardbound artbook. Underneath that are the posters and artcards. Dig a bit further and you find the blurays, pins and and more artcards.

And lastly, one more set of preorders.

Sword Art Online ~Ordinal Scale~ LE and Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt: Bandit Flower (standard BD; imported from Japan)



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