Nozomi Ent. October-December Solicitations

Title Date SRP Runtime
Revolutionary Girl Utena Set 1 (BD) October 3, 2017 $49.99 300 mins
Revolutionary Girl Utena Ultra Edition BD Set December 5, 2017 $224.99 1060 mins

From their Anime Expo ’17 panel, there will be three standard sets and the Ultra Edition Boxset. Sets 2 and 3 should be released in November and December, respectively. If you plan to get the Boxset in December, do preorder early, as they are only doing a single press of the set.

Contents of the Ultra Edition Boxset:

Revolutionary Girl Utena Ultra Collection contains episodes 1-39 + Movie in a special 20th Anniversary Edition box plus extras such as a replica Rose Crest Ring, a replica Black Rose Crest ring, and a 250+ page art book.

Special Features: Video extras include: clean opening and closings, live action video for opening single, TV spot for opening single, promos, trailers, animated art galleries, Japanese staff commentary for episodes 37-39, full-length movie commentary by Director Kunihiko Ikuhara, dueling themes karaoke, behind the scenes of the movie with the English cast, and interviews with Director Kunihiko Ikuhara, Tomoko Kawakami (“Utena”), Yuriko Fuchizaki (“Anthy”), and the English cast.