VIZ Media September Solicitations


Title Date SRP Runtime
Naruto Shippuden Collection 32 September 26, 2017 $39.99 300 mins
Ranma 1/2 Movie & OVA Collection September 19, 2017 $39.99 ? mins
Ranma 1/2 Movie & OVA Collection LE (BD) September 19, 2017 $54.97 ? mins

And with this set now officially on the scheduled, VIZ will be done re-releasing Ranma 1/2. My personal hope is that VIZ will give Maison Ikkoku another look and re-release that on bluray as well. I know it didn’t do well for VIZ back when it was being released on DVD, but there does appear to be a market for older anime titles, as Discotek continues to prove.