Aniplex of America August Solicitation


Title Date SRP Runtime
Gurren Lagann Complete Collection (TV+Movies) (BD) August 8, 2017 $189.98 951 mins

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Gurren Lagann. AoA is releasing a complete bluray boxset. From the details of the set, it looks like they are just going to use the discs from the singles they released a while back, so don’t expect to see Parallel Works on here (or any other significant extras). If your main concern is having the TV series on bluray, then this set should work out just fine.

On a separate note, I really hope these “cheaper” complete collections continue from them. So far they’ve done Madoka, Sword Art Online Season 1, and both seasons of Magi this way. Perhaps we’ll see a complete bluray set for Kill la Kill before the year is out. Might be a pipe dream, but I’d love to see Silver Spoon get upgraded to bluray like Magi did or even for them to do a complete bluray set for something they never released, like Mushishi or Samurai Flamenco.