Sakura-con ’17 Announcements

This year’s event was the 20th anniversary of the Seattle convention. Despite that, there weren’t many industry panels this time around. Anime Boston was only a couple weeks ago, so that probably explains part of it.


  • New License: Record of Lodoss War OVA & TV
    • Releases on July 18, 2017
    • OVA (BD/DVD) and TV series (DVD-only) in the same set
  • New License: Hyouka
    • Part 1 Collection Releases on July 4, 2017
    • Is being dubbed

The above releases will be going up for preorder in the next few days, along with the rest of Funimation’s July slate.

Aniplex of America


  • New License: The Reflection: Wave One
    • Anime is an American/Japanese co-production between Stan Lee and Studio Deen
    • Streaming starts Summer ’17