Update: GiTS SAC Blurays


We’re starting to get some information on the blurays set to release on the 21st from people who have received the sets early. Unfortunately, it’s not looking good for sub watchers, as the only subtitle track appears to be English SDH (ie for deaf and hard of hearing). Beyond that, they also appear to be dubtitles (ie subs match the dub script rather than a more literal translation). It’s kinda funny that the only Region A bluray release with decent English subtitles for this show is a Korean one (which is what I have). For dub watchers, the only annoyance may be the lack of chapter stops.

I’m sure more info will be filtering out over the next few days as more and more people get the sets, but this is looking like a really lazy attempt at getting some quick cash due to the live-action film.

Source: http://forum.blu-ray.com/showpost.php?p=13215916&postcount=1281