Anime Haul: Holiday Edition – Part 5

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s my last holiday sale package from 2016. Had these for a little while, but the holidays were a bit hectic. All came from RightStuf’s holiday sale.

Top Row: Barakamon, Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie, Good Luck Girl! (only way I could get BD on it, since the S.A.V.E. release is DVD-only), Momo: The Girl God of Death

Bottom Row: Laughing Under the Clouds, Psycho-Pass the Movie, Space Dandy Collection 2, World Conquest Zevezda Plot (too bad Aniplex didn’t release this on BD)


Looking back at everything I bought from the holiday sales in 2016, I did notice that most are Funimation releases. Last year, it was mostly Sentai releases, but I didn’t fine as many good deals on their stuff this year.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing what 2017 has in store for us. I know there’s some nice things getting released in the next few months and I hope that continues.