Anime Haul: Holiday Edition – Part 1

It’s that time of year again and wallets are weeping everywhere. Yes, the holiday sales have begun and cheap anime blurays and DVDs are everywhere. My first (of what will probably be several) dips into these sales arrived today. I got these at the Right Stuf holiday sale. Seraph of the End Collector’s Edition was the Mega Deal for the first day of the sale. Also grabbed the Boueibu bundle from the first day, since I doubt we’ll be getting a cheaper complete set anytime soon (or at all).


As I mentioned at the forum I normally hang around, the cases that PONYCAN chose for the Boueibu sets are annoyingly large. If you have or have seen NIS America’s long artboxes, they’re roughly the same size. I’m very tempted to transfer the blurays and DVDs to a single 6-disc 14mm case and make my own cover for it, because these things are really silly. The rest of the contents (CDs, mini-posters, booklets) and packaging would just get boxed up with all the other crazy things that have been included with our home video releases (and believe me, there have been some really strange pack-ins over the years).

Pic of the insides of the first volume.


Next package is due in on Monday, so pics of that when it comes in.

Has anyone else participated in any of the sales? Anything in particular you’re hoping to pick up this year?