Funimation Partial February ’17 Solicitations


This weekend, Funimation revealed three Kadokawa shows that they would be releasing in February. Two are Bandai re-licenses, one of which didn’t get released before Bandai Ent. shutdown (Nichijou) and the third has never been licensed for home video (Betrayal Knows My Name). We don’t have all the information on these releases yet, but Funimation’s full February solicitation should be released next week.

Title Date SRP Runtime
Betrayal Knows My Name, The Complete Collection (sub) February 28, 2017 $? ? mins
Nichijou – My Ordinary Life Complete Collection (sub BD/DVD) February 7, 2017 $? ? mins
Scrapped Princess Complete Collection (BD/DVD) February 28, 2017 $? ? mins

Now then, where’s Gosick? That’s the one I really want.