Otakon ’16 Anime Announcement Summary

Another Otakon has come and gone. Here’s a quick summary of the anime related announcements.


***Sentai Filmworks***

***VIZ Media***

  • There were no new announcements at their Sailor Moon panel.
  • At their regular panel, they mentioned that Hunter x Hunter (2011) would be coming out on home video in the fall, though the exact date is somewhat dependent on Toonami’s scheduling. As these things usually go, the premiere of the English dubbed episodes fall to Toonami, so the home video release cannot get ahead of it. Next Saturday should be Episode 17 of Hunter x Hunter.
  • They also mentioned that JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Season 1 will be hitting home video at some point after Hunter x Hunter releases. JoJo’s is set to run on Toonami in October. It will most likely take One Punch Man‘s timeslot, as that will be ending in October.
  • Lastly, they will be releasing one more Limited Edition Ranma 1/2 bluray set. This set will contain the OVAs and the movies. At this point they don’t know if they can get the 2008 OVA, but they are going to work on acquiring it.



  • Code Geass: Akito the Exiled should be an early 2017 release
  • They also revealed that they have licensed Monster Hunter Stories Ride-On from the upcoming Fall ’16 lineup. They really seem to be going after the kiddy programing as of late.
  • The biggest reveal of the panel was the slate of titles set for November release. Details on the releases are sparse right now, as they don’t go up for preorder till tomorrow (the 15th). I’ll update in a separate post once the information is available. For now, three of the titles are new licenses and one is a re-license. The rest of the list is made up of their simulcasted shows, a couple re-releases and the first of the Rurouni Kenshin live-action films.




  • Their only announcement was that they will be simulcasting Fall ’16’s Nanbaka


*** Discotek***




***Rightstuf / Sunrise***

  • Turn A Gundam is coming to bluray Early 2017. As a nice gesture, they will be offering an upgrade program for those who bought the DVDs.
  • Outside of the Rightstuf panel, someone asked a Sunrise rep when Gundam Wing would be released and was told “next year” [link]. The plan looks to be to release this on DVD and BD.
  • Rightstuf CEO Shawn K. said they are committed to doing more BD releases and will be working though their catalog.


***Aniplex of America***

  • The Fate/Zero LEs are going back into print. Release date is set for October 25th.
  • Their only another announcement is a theatrical run for the second Kizumonogatari film.

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