Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV Release Date

Sony posted the global trailer for the film (featuring the English voice cast) on Saturday. The film is getting a small North American theatrical run on August 19th, followed by a digital release on August 30th. The deluxe and ultimate editions of the Final Fantasy XV video game (releasing on September 30th), will include the Kingsglaive film and the Brotherhood web anime on bluray.

Not a gamer? No worries, as the film will also be released separately in three flavors: DVD, BD and a 2-disc BD steelbook. Going off the listing, the steelbook version will also include the Brotherhood web anime. The standalone releases are set for October 4th.

Kingsglaive takes place during the events of the game, however, developers have said that one does not need to play the game to enjoy the movie. The film is from the POV of King Regis and his Kingsglaive. The Brotherhood web anime is a prequel to the game and provides backstory for Prince Noctis and his comrades, who you follow in the game.