Anime Expo 2016 Anime News – Day 3: Funimation Panel

Funimation had two major announcements at their panel. First off they will be re-releasing Code Geass S1 and 2 in a Collector’s Edition on October 4th. The set will be bluray-only.

Back for the series’ 10th anniversary, both seasons of Code Geass will feature a brand-new Japanese 5.1 surround sound audio mix used on the recent Japanese Blu-ray box sets—an entirely new viewing experience from previous releases. This isn’t just the original stereo audio re-mastered: the music and sound effects have actually been painstakingly re-recorded, all under the quality supervision of director Goro Taniguchi himself, to really immerse you in all the action and drama. We’re ecstatic to bring you this special new version, in addition to the original Japanese stereo audio and the original English dub.

 photo Code Geass CE.png

Both seasons will be available in a 10th anniversary Collector’s Edition set that features a handsome chipboard box accentuated with metallic inks. Inside, the set will include 16 gorgeous art cards featuring illustrations from the world-renown manga artists, CLAMP, who created the character designs for the series. These frame-worthy cards include a beautiful pearlescent finish that enhances each unique illustration. This art was previously featured in a Japan-only art book.

The release also comes with hours of extras, including Japanese voice actor commentary and English voice actor interviews, plus picture dramas.

The two seasons will also be available separately in bluray and DVD (bluray sets pictured below). Preorders go live on July 15th.

 photo Code Geass BD.jpg photo Code Geass R2 BD.jpg

Second, they announced that they have licensed fall season’s Drifters anime. This one is from the creator of Hellsing.

They also went over their upcoming release of Escaflowne. This is the show they did the Kickstarter for a new dub. It’s release date is October 18th and preorders for those who didn’t participate in the Kickstarter go live on July 15th. More information on that later.