Home Video Releases for the Week of June 7th, 2016


  • Lupin the Third: Alcatraz Connection (sub) [DVD]


  • Boy and the Beast, The [BD/DVD or DVD]
  • Fairy Tail Part 20 [BD/DVD]
  • Girl Who Leapt Through Time, The [BD/DVD or CE BD/DVD]
  • Gonna Be the Twin-tail! Complete Collection [BD/DVD]
  • PSYCHO-PASS the Movie [BD/DVD or DVD]
  • Shonen Hollywood ~Holly Stage for 49~ (sub) [DVD]
  • Yona of the Dawn Collection 1 [BD/DVD]

Nozomi Entertainment

  • El Hazard: The Wanderers Anime Essentials Collection [DVD]


  • Sound! Euphonium Collector’s Edition 1 (sub) [BD/DVD]

Sentai Filmworks

  • Medaka Box Season 1 & 2 Collection [BD or DVD]
  • Wake Up, Girls! the Movie (sub) [BD or DVD]

Sunrise (via TRSI)

  • After War Gundam X Collection 1 (sub) [DVD]
  • Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ Collection 1 (sub) [BD or DVD]

VIZ Media

  • Berserk: The Golden Age Movie Collection [BD or DVD]